mercredi 2 avril 2014

LOWDOWN Magazine - Interview Rylsee

I'm ashamed to notice that it's been 6month I haven't post anything here.
Actually a lot of thing happened lately, visibly too much to find the time to write descents posts here... :/

here's an interview I had in LOWDOWN magazine during the Converse Clashwall project in Berlin.
You Can read my interview -HERE-

mercredi 2 octobre 2013


I took part of this crazy project orchestrated by artist Dante Zaballa. He invited a loooong list of artists and asked them to draw 5frames of an animation.
Featuring artists from around the globe, I'm happy to represent Switzerland in this project. You can have more infos about the process on the link below
--> Doodle Project - process <-- br="">
THE DOODLE PROJECT from podoboo on Vimeo.

lundi 16 septembre 2013


Below is a 360 view of the helmet I customized for the Braincover Art Show at the Burning Ink. Other artists who took part in the exhibition includes: 
Mat & Vania Carera « Stamp » (CH), Frédéric
Laborde « Influx » (CH), MMAV (FR), Seb Gaidin (CH), Alexandre Négaty « Al’s Tiki » (CH), Shelton Woolright (NZ), Cléa Ferlay & Cécile Pagès (CH), Jim Zbinden « JMZ » (CH), Mr & Mrs Sabotage « SBTG » (Sing), Claude Morabito & « Collectif Next Door » (Javier Varela, Dan Nemeth, Giovanni Guida) (CH), Tang Tucks (Sing), Fabio Lopez aka « Dourone » (SP), Gary Eng (Sing) 
Click here to read an article about the show on the LODOWN Magazine website. 

mercredi 11 septembre 2013


Here's a small article written by REDUX magazine about the Burning Ink show: BURNING INK GENEVA - opening night (in french)
I'm proud to find out that the Palm tree-Dagger I drew for the show, was the first artwork sold and tattooed by Vince Page (founder of Nuit Noire tattoo shop) at the opening! :)

Burning Ink Geneva closing teaser from Collectif Combo on Vimeo.

mardi 27 août 2013


Here's the trailer of the 7th edition of the Burning Ink, organized by DC Europe. After New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid & Istanbul, the next edition will take place in my home town, Geneva (Switzerland). The show will be hosted by The Square, the Gallery/pop-up store where I had my last solo show in May. I'll be present for the Burning Ceremony on the September 12th.

DC Shoes Europe - Burning Ink Geneva - Teaser a Other video by dceurope

lundi 26 août 2013

mercredi 21 août 2013


collaboration with Justin Person

the spring break tag isn't mine but I think it fits my piece very well :)

jeudi 8 août 2013


I'm happy to announce that I'm part of the next renown art &amp;tattoo show, Burning Ink, presented DC. After New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid and Istanbul, the next exhibition will be held at The Square Gallery in Geneva Switzerland.

"Burning Ink is a touring exhibition that ends with a Burning Ceremony. Each unique illustration goes up in flames. The only way for the art to survive is to be bought as a tattoo on someone’s skin." ReduxMag

Besides tattoos, Burning Ink will also celebrate the world of custom bikes and skateboard. I will be showing a hand painted Motorcycle helmet as part of an exclusive showcase with other artists, accompanying DFL the machine- a customized motorcycle born out of a collaboration among Big Bore Cycles, JMZ (pulp68) &amp; DC Europe.

The show is opening on September 2nd and I will be presented at the Burning Ceremony on September 12.

Here's the video from their last show in Istanbul

Burning ink is an exhibition created &amp; organized by Erwann Lameignère and produced by Collectif Combo

lundi 29 juillet 2013


Last week I flew to switzerland to paint a wall in one of the most beautiful house I've ever seen. This house is owned by a swiss art collector and her two sons, they bought two pieces of original artwork from me a while ago. This time they decided to have me paint directly on their walls. 
The mural of the visually-impossible houses are inspired by the architecture of their house, mixed with my feeling of being disoriented when entering it. The mural with the robot-burglar is another story.

photos: ©2013 Gabee Balagué


Here's some pictures of the wall I painted Saturday for the FRIENDS FESTIVAL at the notorious ROSIS Berlin. We were a group of artist friends working on this wall during the night of the festival, it was a lot of fun.
Artists participating to the wall: Bodo - Flöt - Guzzee - Johannes Mundinger - Joni - Addison Karl - Laub - Leau - Mint and myself.

mercredi 17 juillet 2013


This month I organized in collaboration with Andrea Wan & Johannes Mundinger the biggest group show we had so far at UrbanSpree.
After the big success of the opening and the quality of the show in general, we decided to extend the show for one more week. More pictures soon!

THE CIRCLE SHOW is a group exhibition featuring a selection of Berlin based artists within our creative network. Urban Spree is not only an exhibition space but also a cultural melting pot. Since it was found last year, we’ve already built a vibrant community attracting local creatives as well as artists from all over the world. For the first Circle Show, we've invited a great lineup of artists to make an art piece each, resembling the shape of a circle. The idea of the circle represents our circle of friends that made Urban Spree an amazing place. We are looking forward to showcase the best creatives in Berlin who are closely connected to us.
See you there!

My piece for the Circle Show is this Giant Compass

lundi 1 juillet 2013


It is the second year I took part of this event called ART'NAPPING. Art'Napping is a live painting event where some artists use their skills for charity. This year, the money from the sales goes to an association who helps the kids who are living in the streets.
It was a pleasure to be able to do something helpful by spending a Saturday afternoon drawing and chilling with other artists such as Mike Friedrich, Spray, Andrea Wan, Julia Benz and more
If you're interested in purchasing a piece of art for a good cause, you can have a look at the -online catalogue-